Apple TV +: Cherry film with Tom Holland is coming in March 2021

The release date of Cherry on Apple TV + is now known: it will be March 12, 2021. The film will also be released in theaters, but only in the US. The date is February 26th. Apple is coming to theaters to qualify for the Oscars.

Cherry is an adaptation of Nico Walker’s bestseller based on his story. Tom Holland plays Nico Walker, a young man from Cleveland who, after being rejected by the love of his life, signs up for the military before his ex returns to tell him they made a mistake and that they were made for each other are. He becomes a medic in Iraq and sees the violence and carnage no one should see. He returns with an angry case of undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is prescribed the opioid oxycontin. He and his young wife quickly give up heroin pills and Nico Walker turns to a bank robbery to pay off their debts and quench their addiction.

They are Anthony and Joe Russo in the direction. The two brothers are best known for making a few MCU films, including the latest Avengers.

Details from the directors of the movie Cherry

They shared some details about Cherry with Vanity Fair. According to them, “it’s an epic movie” that is divided into six chapters. Each part reflects a different time period. In addition, the way each chapter is shot is different at all levels (cameras, sets, atmosphere, etc.).

As Joe Russo points out, the film “aims to define the experience of PTSD, the experience of being addicted to opioids”. Its main task is to “generate empathy”.

Cherry marks the return to directing for Anthony and Joe Russo. Your last project was Avengers: Endgame in 2019. You were a producer of several films in 2020.

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