Snap acquires Voisey, an app for musicians and singers

It is at our discretion that Snap, parent company of Snapchat, bought Voisey, a music app that bills itself as “the best application ever made for singers and rappers”. An acquisition that again shows that the little ghost wants to invest in music in order to successfully compete with its currently biggest rival, TikTok.

Voisey, an app for musicians

Voisey is a British app founded in 2018 that puts music in the spotlight and reminds you of how TikTok works. On the one hand, musicians can publish their instrumental creations there (classified according to different genres), on the other hand, singers and rappers can set their voice on it by adding audio filters if desired. These include auto-voting, the chorus effect or even the Billie Eilish effect, which allows the user to imitate the specifics of the voice of the singer of the same name.

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In addition, the posts consist of short vertical videos of up to 60 seconds. As with TikTok, these can be commented on, shared, liked and it is also possible to reply to them via a “duo” function. Interaction and engagement are of course at the heart of how Voisey works. This makes this app a real social network where music is used as the cornerstone. Voisey is a formula that PitchBook estimates is paying off and is now valued at $ 3 million.

Snap increases the volume

The success of Voisey clearly caught Snap’s attention. At the beginning of November, the parent company of the small spirit would actually have acquired the musical application to the greatest possible extent. This acquisition was discovered by Business Insider US, who, after analyzing a number of documents, found that Voisey’s UK address had been changed to Snap’s London office. Information unofficially confirmed by a source close to the company, but Snap and Voisey declined to comment for the time being.

If the terms of this acquisition remain a secret, we can already say that this represents a wave of new features in Snapchat. It’s also part of the little ghost’s strategy to work twice as hard in the music space so as not to be left further behind by TikTok, which has already passed the 2 billion download mark. Recall that the ghost social network launched a feature back in August 2020 that allows users to add music to recorded videos.

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