a complaint in India against Netflix over a scene of kissing

Guarav Tiwari, the youth leader of the Bharatiya Janta Party, a right-wing nationalist political party in India, has filed a complaint against two senior Netflix officials over kissing scenes between a young Hindu and a man of Muslim faith in Horrible Temple. According to Guarav Tiwari, the series promotes “love jihad,” an Islamophobic theory according to which Muslim men de facto encourage Hindu women to convert under the pretext of marriage. Not only is this sensitive topic taboo, it also emerges a few days after a controversy over an advertisement for the famous jewelry brand Tanishq, which has an interfaith marriage.

The sequence hits the audience

This series of 6 episodes is an adaptation of the novel by the famous Indian writer Vikram Seth from 1993. The story takes place in the 1950s, several years after the country’s independence, when a young Hindu, Lata, would like the Indian tradition of forced Escape from family marriage. This brilliant young woman in an India in the process of rebuilding is learning about herself by overcoming the vagaries of life. Seduced by several young men, she meets a Muslim boy whom she likes. They end up kissing in a Hindu temple. The footage hit the general public, including the Indian Minister of the Interior, who described the kissing scenes as “offensive to the feelings of a particular religion”.

In the same category

Netflix is ​​relying on Asia to fuel its growth

In this secular country, Narottam Mishra, the interior minister of central Madhya Pradesh, assured that the complaint was officially filed against Netflix’s vice-president for content, Monika Shergill, who was the director of public policy for the American company Ambika Khurana.

Last May, Netflix had to delete episode 7 of the second season of the Designated Survivor series in Turkey. Indeed, the American company had to comply with a request from a regulator to remove the episode in which the fictional Turkish president tries to manipulate the American president.

Incident that did not happen at the right time

Netflix has not only invested 20-25% of its sales in European film production, but has also spent more than $ 500 million on its 2nd world market.

Tony Zameczkowski, vice president of Netflix Asia, said they were at the beginning of their conquest of the Asian market. One thing is clear: this controversial incident does not come at the right time for Netflix, so the Indian government has announced it will regulate online streaming services that could potentially piss off American giants like censorship in Turkey.

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