Quest Hunter: the isometric action RPG for Mr. Everyone (App Store version)

Quest Hunter (App Store Link – Free – iPhone / iPad) meets all the criteria of “casual” action RPG, but maintains an overall level of quality that sets it apart from the bulk of titles in the genre. The cute graphics in the isometric display, the generous loot, the streums and the well-animated bosses, but not too hard to beat, the not too many character advancements and the easy customization make this Quest Hunter a mobile title that the audience always respects quite a bit broad aim, which is rare enough to be noticed.

Another strength of the game is the variety of its game phases. Between the loot, the battles, a few little puzzles, and a randomly generated play area, there’s really a lot to do without getting bored. When we add the ability to play up to 4 (local or online) in co-op to these good provisions, we have a highly recommended title.

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