Salesforce could buy Slack as early as next week

According to the Wall Street Journal, Salesforce is in talks with Slack about a possible acquisition. If the two companies agree, the announcement should come next week, when Salesforce reports third-quarter 2020 revenue.

This would be Salesforce’s largest acquisition

Salesforce is a real heavyweight in the customer relationship market, offering software solutions for many companies, not all. A pioneer in cloud computing, the company has a market value of $ 230 billion and was recently strengthened by the acquisition of Tableau for $ 15.7 billion. However, if it bought Slack it would be its biggest acquisition ever.

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Slack, a messaging tool for professionals, was actually democratized during the Covid-19 crisis when many people were asked to work from home. In particular, this could enable Salesforce to integrate Slack into its business offering. This maneuver makes sense because the application has improved significantly since it was first introduced in 2009. For example, it also integrates workflow functions. This data enables employees to track the performance of their business thanks to important partnerships with other applications aimed at professionals.

Joining the Salesforce offering could take Slack to the next level and introduce it to very important companies, while the tool has long been reserved for a niche audience that is mostly developing in the technology field.

A nudge for Microsoft?

For Salesforce, a takeover of Slack would also be a coup to compete with its big rival Microsoft. Providing similar solutions to companies, the two giants have been fighting a merciless battle for several years, especially as the company passed Salesforce in Redmond for the 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn. In addition, the Microsoft Teams tool has 115 million users a day are in direct competition with Slack.

So far, neither Slack nor Salesforce have commented on the information, but the messaging tool’s actions have increased nearly 37% since it was published by the Wall Street Journal.

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