The 2021 iPad Pro would support millimeter 5G

It almost goes without saying that the next iPad Pro will support 5G since it is on the iPhone 12. And if we want to believe the latest information, Apple will offer Millimeter 5G on the iPad Pro from 2021. The tablet should also have a mini LED display.

There are two types of 5G today. There are millimeter-sized 5Gs and “classic” 5Gs under 6 GHz. The first allows higher flow rates. On the other hand, it covers less well than the second. The iPhone 12s supports both 5G types in the US. IPhone 12s in other countries are limited to 5G under 6 GHz.

According to Digitimes, Apple is well on its way to developing the AiP (antenna in a package) for the iPhone 13. Apple should therefore be able to offer Millimeter 5G with its iPad Pro in 2021.

Millimeter 5G support on the 2021 iPad Pro is just the beginning. Apple relies on Qualcomm for its Snapdragon X55 network chip for the iPhone 12. The manufacturer should use the Snapdragon X60 chip in 2021. However, the long-term goal is to have its own 5G modem. And yet, according to Digitimes, efforts with the iPhone 13 are promising for the future.

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