Black Friday – Jamespot, the collaboration and internal communication software at -30%!

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2020, annus horribilis. The last few months we’ve just lived have been particularly difficult on so many levels that it would be pointless to keep a Prévert-style inventory here. The business world has not been spared, and the restriction has completely changed the path of modernization and digital transformation of organizations by constraints. Teleworking is widespread and if business life didn’t stop we had to adapt!

It seemed particularly interesting for us to select the platforms and solutions that we wanted to promote during Black Friday in order to offer a solution that facilitates business collaboration and offers modern functions to improve internal communication and project management. In short, software that is adapted to the current period and promotes resilience. We chose Jamespot, which met all the criteria.

Alain Garnier explains: “The digital transformation is at the heart of the challenges companies face. You have to work faster and better to respond. To do this, they need a tool, because today we use tools to transform organizations. With this in mind, Jamespot invented its collaborative platform that companies can use to adapt to their digital problems. With more than a hundred applications that can be quickly deployed, 100% secure and hosted in France, companies can use Jamespot to manage all of their collaborative processes. Whether in terms of communication, collaboration, project management, documentation … Jamespot fulfills all requirements of organizations. “”

Try Jamespot for free and get -30% on Black Friday

A wide range of functions and more than 100 uses

The collaborative platform is full of functions designed to promote internal processes:

Fast Intranet: Easily create beautiful intranet pages to suit your tastes and colors.
Flash Info: Pin information at the top of the activity feed so it doesn’t go unnoticed.
Table: Task management application that makes collaboration and project management easy. Create tables, customize columns, just add cards and manage your projects!
Contacts / Companies / Groups Directory: Consult the Directory of Contacts, Companies and Groups present on your Jamespot platform.
Messenger: Communicate instantly with your teams and speed up your daily activities.

Documentation area: Stop wasting time looking for your documents. The documentation area is the area in which your documents are stored and classified.

Presence management: Manage the presence of your employees at the various locations of your company daily and easily. Usage can be redirected as part of teleworking.
Collaborative editing: Work with multiple people and at the same time on a document directly from your Jamespot platform. Guaranteed time savings!
Organization Chart: Create your organization chart on your Jamespot platform to get an overview of your company and all of the employees that make up it.
Mobile application: Access your Jamespot platform and all of its applications from anywhere thanks to the Jamespot mobile application.

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Use Black Friday to equip yourself. The 30% applies to the Fast Track offer at € 5 HT / month / user. You can test the platform first. Offer valid until November 30th included!

Try Jamespot for free and get -30% on Black Friday

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