5G Orange: 2.1 Gbps speed, 4 times faster than 4G

Orange will initially launch its 5G in 15 cities on December 3rd. The operator’s new network will be available in more than 160 municipalities by the end of the year. But what will the speed be with a 5G plan?

5G speed up to 2.1 Gb / s

In a press release released today, Orange promises “speeds up to three to four times faster than 4G”. The incumbent operator states that “only 3.5 GHz frequencies enable a true 5G experience”. In fact, the theoretical maximum speed in 5G in 3.5GHz areas is 2.1Gbps. In areas with the 2100 MHz band, the speed is 615 Mbit / s. This band is now used by 4G.

According to Orange, the speed of 5G enables it to “meet the changing needs of customers”. This is also a contribution to the digitization of French companies. The operator speaks of an experience with “real browsing comfort, reduced latency and almost instant download speed, even on the go”.

As a reminder: Orange received a spectrum of 90 MHz at auctions for 5G. The group says that the deployment of 5G will mainly be on 3.5 GHz frequencies. Depending on the region, it can be supplemented by the use of 2.1 GHz frequencies.

Network coverage and use before Orange 5G

Orange indicates that areas that are already heavily used in 5G are covered first in order to avoid the risk of saturation. In this context, he emphasizes that internet consumption increased by 40% between September 2019 and September 2020. 5G is therefore necessary to avoid saturation of the current networks in 2022, says Orange.

Orange 5G packages

Orange has already launched its 5G packages. The prices for customers with an Open Pack are:

For those who don’t have an Open Pack, it’s:

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