Apple criticized for “short-lived products” and “throwaway culture”

Apple, Amazon and others are accused of playing a role in electronic waste. These groups make it difficult to repair products and sometimes require significant costs. This applies to everything announced by the UK Environmental Audit Selection Committee.

In the case of Apple, the committee is talking about the manufacturer gluing and welding components on MacBooks. This makes it difficult to repair, be it for Apple or for people who want to get into the adventure. “Apple’s repair costs, in particular, can be so high that it is more economical to replace the product entirely,” the committee said. He adds, “This trend, which runs counter to a long history of engineering in the UK, must stop.”

Committee critics surprise Apple

Apple is one of the companies participating in the “throwaway culture and short-lived products.” The manufacturer shared the following statement with the Guardian:

We were surprised and disappointed with the Environmental Audit Committee report, which does not reflect any of Apple’s efforts to conserve resources and protect the planet we all share. Customers have more options than ever to trade, recycle, and receive high-quality, safe repairs. Our latest Apple Watches, iPads, and iPhones use recycled materials for key components. We will continue to work with parliament and the government to document Apple’s commitments as industry leader and to support our collective efforts to leave a clean economy and a healthy planet for the next generation.

Apple contacted the committee separately with a letter. The company explained its environmental efforts, such as the fact that its business is 100% renewable. Apple also mentioned a significant use of recycled materials in its products.

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