macOS Big Sur: Touch ID has stopped working on MacBooks

Users with a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur can no longer use Touch ID. Everything worked fine on macOS Catalina and earlier. But for some strange reason there is a problem with the new version.

Testimonials from developers on the Apple and Reddit forums state that Touch ID has stopped working very well since macOS Big Sur. Some say they can’t add a new print. Others simply cannot unlock their MacBook. It usually works once and that’s it. One workaround is to delete a fingerprint and then re-enroll it. However, this is only temporary. Not all users will enjoy it every day.

Some have tried the usual procedures when their Mac has a problem. In particular, there is resetting the SMC. But nothing helps, Touch ID still won’t unlock the MacBook in macOS Big Sur. Users therefore have to fall back on the good old password.

Not all users are affected by this error while unlocking Touch ID on MacBooks. Apple has not yet publicly commented on the issue. It is therefore difficult to know if a patch will be available soon (or not). As a reminder, Apple is currently testing macOS 11.1 in beta.

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