90% discount on the Ivacy VPN!

With caveats on the restriction, recovery is tight. Why not enjoy a movie or series that is set aside for a couple of weeks?

The great thing about Black Friday is that brands post coupons and other discounts for that period! Such is the case with Ivacy and their special -90% Black Friday offer.

Take advantage of the Black Friday Ivacy VPN offer

A complete and powerful VPN for unblocking catalogs for foreign platforms

Time is as it is, and we can only underscore the difficulty of renewing ourselves if we are to find a film, series, or documentary. On Netflix or Disney +, the catalog is limited by geographic area and there are gems that you can find in other countries!

A VPN allows you to access a different catalog on platforms like BBC iPlayer, Disney +, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. With Ivacy, the current official partner of Wet Ham United Football Club, you can do this for a handful of pennies, exactly € 0.8 per month.

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A VPN with solid features!

While expanding the catalog with movies and series can be a good reason for a VPN, Ivacy has a strong case for features.

When it comes to security, Ivacy VPN offers 256-bit military-grade encryption that encrypts your internet traffic with enhanced protection against malware. The company also has a “No Log” policy and a “Kill Switch” feature that allows you to stop your Internet activity if you lose your connection.

In terms of speed, Ivacy benefits from unlimited bandwidth and automatically connects to the fastest server among 2000 servers in more than 100 locations. The VPN allows for high speed downloading and has P2P optimized servers.

Take advantage of the Black Friday Ivacy VPN offer

Also note that Ivacy enables simultaneous connection on ten devices and guarantees security on all platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, xBox, Linux, smart TVs, etc.

Take advantage of the limited Black Friday deals to equip yourself with a robust VPN that meets all security requirements!

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