30% discount on Plezi, the French B2B marketing automation software

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In the B2B area, the gateway to growth is the ability to generate leads, ie qualified profiles to which we have to prove the value of our offer (software, service or product). If the process seems simple at first glance, the reality is very different when it comes to setting up processes, optimizing and automating acquisition channels, and developing a real strategy for understanding sound. Conversion tunnel.

Technology makes the work of businesses easier in this process, and solutions like Plezi software are part of the logic of supporting and orchestrating the strategy to optimize the stages of the sales cycle.

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“We developed Plezi because classic marketing automation solutions for small marketing teams took a long time to implement and were difficult to master. We believe we can automate many of the marketer’s tasks while maintaining human communication, “said Charles Dolisy, CEO.

Thanks to its technology, the solution addresses the problems of B2B companies (startups, SMEs, mid-cap companies, etc.) and allows the analysis and optimization of the most efficient marketing levers.

The Smart Campaign, Plezi’s flagship

This is an innovation that replaces the gas factory that workflows can often be, and that allows a contact to be in touch from discovering the company to purchasing the product or service. The marketer focuses on their content and messages, while Plezi’s algorithms take care of telling the story.

Even as a beginner, the smart campaign will guide the marketer by specifying the content to be created by person, stage of the buying cycle, and interest.

But how does it work in practice?

We start by attaching tags to all company content (blog articles and white papers, but also demo requests, contact requests, brochures, etc.) that serve the tracking functionality. Each piece of content is assigned a number, a quantified value that ends in the lead’s rating.

The intelligent campaign then records all the interactions the prospect has with the company’s content: opening emails, type of content consulted, pages the prospect will visit, information on the forms, etc.

The intelligent campaign functionality then captures the most relevant content that is offered to each potential customer. The same content cannot be sent twice or to the wrong profile. Learn more about the Smart Campaign.

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