How can you act in an agile way in times of change?

Since the situation we are in is unprecedented, it is imperative that your digital actions adapt accordingly.

It’s not a choice, it’s a necessity. The Covid-19 crisis, a second phase of containment, many changes in consumer habits, in short 2020, is definitely a year like no other. Ad4Screen is organizing a virtual round table on December 3rd at 10am to discuss best digital practices.

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On this occasion, Ad4Screen, a 100% mobile French media and marketing agency, brought together top professionals. Will take part in this virtual roundtable on December 3rd: Fethy Ourif, Acquisition Manager at Carrefour, Virginie Lange, Chief Datascience Officer at Floa Bank, Julien Jemin, App Nestor for business developers at Maif Interface and finally Anne-Lise Ghirardo, VP Sales at Ad4Screen . Complementary players who know how to educate you about your digital issues.

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On the program of this virtual event:

The Importance of Data in Times of Crisis CRM, Such an Important Lever for Growth How can you keep adjusting your digital strategy? What 2020 tutorials will you be doing in 2021?

An event reserved exclusively for advertisers, which will allow you to identify important opportunities for reflection for the year 2021, which is already ahead. A Forrester study from May 2020 shows that the Covid 19 crisis had a strong impact on the buying behavior of the French. In particular, the shift towards value-based consumption is accelerating. In concrete terms, this means that there is a strong increase in distrust of social engagement that is not perceived as genuine. This is data that companies need to consider when drawing up their strategy for 2021, for example.

Among the other levers to be explored is that of the mobile app. 75% of the French have a smartphone and we spend 89% of our time browsing apps. We also know that the buying journey begins most of the time within an application and that searching for products is common there. This is an observation that companies need to rely on to shape their digital strategy for 2021. You will find out all of this in detail at the round table on December 3, 2020 at 10 a.m.

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