ECN 100% Video Ecommerce Training Platform Is -30% Through Nov 30th

Training in e-commerce is a constant exercise. Regardless of the level of knowledge, rapid development of technology, consumer practices and applications, or even the best techniques, is required to continually renew the knowledge base.

In September we spoke to you about the introduction of a modern training platform for the broad spectrum of e-commerce. It’s 100% online and click-to-learn. It contains 75 videos of 10 minutes and 30 hours that allow you to develop your skills daily in a personalized rhythm, as they are adapted to the needs of each person. The topics examined are divided into four video-on-demand tiers and allow an inventory of the latest e-commerce trends.

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Pragmatic goals that can be achieved in 30 hours of video

The Norman start-up, which has become one of the leading e-commerce web media in France and Europe, aims to enable (future) e-commerce to:

Define the specifics of an eshop in terms of the expectations of its market. Upload, update and promote products; Project management from design to production of the e-commerce website; Organization of the logistics of an e-commerce project; Manage the commercial animation of an online shop and master the most important levers for online web marketing. Understand the basics of IT architecture and link e-commerce with other IT solutions such as ERP, CRM or PIM. Apply the legal regulations of e-commerce and data management (RGPD).

In order to extend the 30 hours of training videos, many elements and bonuses are made available to users:

A community void that brings together e-commerce enthusiasts who have also graduated from the E-Commerce Nation Academy. Premium resources (business plan template, kpis dashboard, etc.); A weekly meeting with questions and answers; A certificate of the end of the training.

Available as a subscription from 99 euros per month, we offer an exclusive discount of 30% for Black Friday on the platform. To benefit from it you need to go here, fill out the form to register and you will then be given access codes to the site. All you have to do is follow the instructions and enter the coupon code at the time of payment: ECNBLACKFRIDAY30.

Benefit from -30% on the Academy E-Commerce Nation platform

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