-30% on the Content Machine, the tool for editorial optimization of SEO

Octopulse offers a solution to help companies move up their website in the Google ranking with the goal of 1st page. The goal? Improve the referencing of startups and SMEs.

In particular, the company offers a new tool that helps when writing content and optimizes the positioning of each content thanks to intelligent and multifactorial recommendations. Structures, keywords, titles and subtitles … everything is questioned!

“During our many years of activity in search engine optimization, we always had difficulties in writing optimized content. No tool met our requirements. Without ever knowing if what you’re writing really affects your positioning, writing perfectly optimized content is often a mystery. Juggling between many tools like Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Answer the public … the writing of the content can quickly become time consuming. For these reasons we decided to develop the Content Machine! »Specifies Simon Deboeuf, CEO of Octopulse.

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What are the functions and who is the content machine for?

So, more specifically, what are the main features of this writing aid and SEO optimization tool?

Proposal of titles and headings: The titles and headings are the most important elements of your SEO. Rest assured they will be optimized!

Optimization Rating: Track the evaluation of your developing content to outperform that of your competitors.
Competitor analysis: Analyze the content of your competitors individually.

Relevant Keywords: Make sure you are writing quality content with highly relevant keyword suggestions.
Frequently Asked Questions: Answer the questions most frequently asked by Internet users
Suggested synonyms: Expand your lexical field and position yourself if you have further questions.
With regard to profiles whose daily life could be improved thanks to this tool, Simon Deboeuf explains: “We are aimed at all companies who want to optimize the positioning of their website / article on Google. The tool is suitable both for young scale-up groups who publish 2.3 articles per month, as well as for the content site, which offers several posts per day.
The content machine is not subject to any industry or activity restrictions and can also be used by entrepreneurs, website owners, professional writers, or beginners. “

30% off all Content Machine offers during Black Friday

On the price page, which is accessible to all exchanges, the price drops depending on the content volume to be optimized monthly: € 7 / article for less than 5 items, then € 5 for 15 items, € 4 for 25 or more items, etc. Benefit from a 30% discount, regardless of need from November 23rd to 30th! A great way to take the first step in your rise to the top positions on Google!

The deal: 30% off all Content Machine offers during Black Friday, i. H. 7 € / article for less than 5 items, then 5 € for 15 items, 4 € for 25 or more items, etc. To take advantage of the offer, simply enter the code: SIECLEDIGITAL30!

Take advantage of the deal at Octopulse

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