Patent: Apple envisions a Touch Bar with Force Touch

Apple has pending a patent to incorporate Force Touch technology into the Touch Bar on MacBooks. The patent application dates from May 2019, but will not be announced publicly until this week.

Image obviously Apple

Apple’s patent doesn’t explain what the intent is with Force Touch in the Touch Bar. However, it is possible that this will avoid accidentally pressing that OLED screen above the MacBook Pro keyboard. Some users complain about this very point with existing MacBook Pros. Apple could create new uses too.

In either case, the patent suggests that the Touch Bar have the same design as it is now, even if there is Force Touch. The sensors shouldn’t force Apple to make changes there.

As a reminder, Force Touch is a technology that can detect finger pressure. It made its debut with the first Apple Watch. It then landed on the MacBook trackpad. Apple then implemented 3D Touch in iPhones, starting with the iPhone 6s. This technology is similar in idea. But it no longer exists since the iPhone 11.

We don’t know whether this patent will come about with Force Touch on the Touch Bar. Rumors of new MacBook Pros for 2021 with a different design. Will the Touch Bar be one of the different elements? Answer next year.

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