Warp Drive: Wipeout-like falls in Apple Arcade

Warp Drive is a kind of mixture of wipeout and mâtiné with extreme arcade handling and breaks into Apple Arcade. This futuristic racing game with funky graphics and eye-catching music (unless it’s the other way around) is a real treat. The ship moves forward and accelerates on its own. We have the steering controls on the left, while the mega boost or drift buttons are on the right.

It’s fast, fun, extremely agile, and the best mobile clone of Wipeout since the great G-Drive. We mainly notice the really well-made boost effects, which give the impression of a distortion of the landscape, as if we had been teleported directly a little further down the line. Different types of races are offered (classic, against the clock, one on one, etc.) and you can even improve your machine’s capabilities. No headache for a dime, this title is the perfect way to end this tough week.

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