Corona Supports Extension of Blocking: The federal government also announces a return of sales for the December economy

Companies affected by the extension of the blockade can expect a return of up to 75 percent in December. Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) announced this at a virtual press conference on Friday. “We will try to continue to regulate sales by 75 percent,” Scholz said.

One will now talk to Brussels about the possibilities and details. Overall, it expects financial assistance to cost “15, maybe more billions of euros”. “A wave of bankruptcies and layoffs would be much more expensive,” Scholz said.

Federal and state governments decided to extend the partial blockade just before Christmas so that fewer contacts would reduce the high number of infections. Gastronomic, cultural and leisure facilities are therefore still closed. In November, Scholz and Altmaier already compensated affected customers with sales compensation of up to 75 percent from the same month last year.

November support is valid from Wednesday

Most of this aid has been approved by the EU in the last few days; they can be requested here from Wednesday. Altmaier has reported strong demand and so far 38,000 applications. Of which 12,500 are self-employed. A total of 18 million payments have already been approved for more than 10,000 applications.

[Alles zu den Novemberhilfen finden Sie hier]

The bridge support is also to be extended until June 2021. It currently runs only until the end of the year. Scholz said he would improve the funding tool so that actors and travel agents, for example, would receive money.

He announced that he would think of those who were not directly affected. Postpayments are also possible. “When sales fell in November or December due to the closure of neighboring stores,” said the finance minister. Unlike in the past, a certain decrease in sales in just one month should be enough to be eligible to apply. The monthly decline in sales is enough.

Benefits to reduce working hours remain increased

Special regulations on the corona also apply for short-term work. Following the Bundestag, on Friday the Federal Council also opened the way for employees who work part-time for more than three months so that they can receive increased work benefits in the coming year.

From the fourth reference month, instead of the usual 60 percent of wages, 70 percent – those who work with children receive 77 percent instead of 67 percent. From the seventh month of part-time work, 80 or 87 percent of wages are still paid.

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