Windows ARM already runs on M1 Macs

Users with a Mac equipped with the Apple M1 chip want to use Windows. However, Apple no longer offers Boot Camp on its new computers and virtualization tools like Parallels Desktop are not up to date. Nevertheless, one developer managed to install Windows ARM on a Mac M1.

Alexander Graf explains how he relies on the QEMU virtualization environment to install Windows ARM on a Mac M1. Microsoft offers an ARM version of Windows for a handful of computers. The group also makes a trial version of their operating system available to developers. The latter could be installed.

Who Said Windows Not Running Well on #AppleSilicon? It’s pretty snappy here 😁. # QEMU patches for reference:

– Alexander Graf (@_AlexGraf), November 26, 2020

It is therefore technically possible to run Windows ARM on a Mac M1. Not surprising. But it’s not for everyone right now. But, by the way, can we run x86 software? According to Alexander Graf, the answer is yes. “It’s not as fast as Rosetta 2, but it’s close,” says the developer. As a reminder, Rosetta 2 is Apple’s emulation layer for running Intel (x64) applications on the Mac M1.

Windows on M1 Macs? The ball in Microsoft’s yard

Apple previously commented on Windows support on M1 Macs. Craig Federighi, responsible for iOS and MacOS, stated that it is up to Microsoft to get the ball rolling. Once the group releases licenses to use Windows ARM on M1 Macs, users can take advantage of the benefits.

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