Strikes by Amazon employees in 15 countries

On this business day known as Black Friday, employees of the American multinational Amazon are planning to strike and demonstrate in 15 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Spain, India and Australia. , but also France. They advocate better working conditions, the reinstatement of bonuses in connection with the pandemic and a salary increase in the event of high activity peaks. Other demands are also on the agenda: zero carbon by 2030 instead of 2040, as Amazon expects, and complete transparency about the confidentiality and use of data. They are also calling for the company to stop spying on its workers and unions and stop circumventing tax laws.

These protests come immediately after the release of a motherboard report showing the increased, almost obsessive monitoring of employees, unions, and environmental and social movements by Amazon.

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In a MakeAmazonPay statement signed and sent to the company by 39 organizations, employees claim that “Amazon grew into a trillion dollar company during the Covid-19 pandemic and Jeff Bezos was the first in history to amass $ 200 billion in personal wealth. Meanwhile, Amazon’s warehouse workers risked their lives as key workers and received only a brief raise. “

“As with all large companies, Amazon’s success would not be possible without the public institutions that citizens have built over generations,” the statement continued. “But instead of giving back to the companies that grew it, the company is robbing them of tax revenue by outperforming global tax evasion efforts. “”

The anger of the employees does not spare any continent. Indeed, call center workers in the Philippines, but also clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh, expected to express their anger, also because of the growing number of injuries associated with excessive workloads. To this end, a demonstration in front of the company’s headquarters in Seattle and in front of the European headquarters in Luxembourg is on the program.

This year, many strikes have taken place in Germany to protest against the lack of consideration during the Covid-19 pandemic and to demand better working conditions.

However, according to Amazon, it is a series of misleading claims made by uninformed or interested groups using Amazon’s profile to advance their individual causes. The company defends itself by claiming that it has a “solid reputation for helping our employees, our customers, and our communities, particularly by providing safe working conditions and proposing a $ 15 minimum wage and excellent benefits by fighting the benefits.” Climate change is led by the commitment to the climate protection pledge to be net zero carbon by 2040 and more than 5 billion US dollars in taxes will be paid worldwide. “

Although this tax is not applied in all countries, the French government sent a tax return to the digital giants a few days ago as part of the GAFA tax, which Amazon is a part of. According to EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, Europe will continue to impose a GAFA tax as long as the United States does not return to the negotiating table. ”

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