The iPhone 12 is close to the iPhone 11 Pro Max for the photo

The iPhone 12 is a good smartphone for the photo part, but according to DxOMark it is getting better. The company even believes this Apple smartphone will come very close to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which saw the light of day last year.

The iPhone 12 received a score of 132 for the photo portion. “It’s a respectable performance, but below that of flagship smartphones from Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung and Oppo,” explains DxOMark. The company specifies:

The iPhone 12 does the job. The exposure is very precise, although the dynamic range can be wider. The colors are pleasant and generally sharp, with occasional variations. The autofocus is one of its strengths (as with the entire range). The focus is set quickly and precisely in all lighting conditions. Photos show a lot of details in bright to moderate lighting conditions.

In contrast, there is more noise than we’d like to see, the simulated bokeh portrait mode is disappointing, and the lack of a dedicated tele module significantly affects zoom performance at great distances.

Correct photo but very good video on iPhone 12

There’s one point where the iPhone 12 does very well is the video. It achieved 112 points and took third place in the ranking with the iPhone 12 Pro. The color is pleasant despite the slightly cold hues that are sometimes observed when taking pictures outdoors. In addition, the autofocus is fast and precise and works well even in scenes with a lot of movement. The details are high even in bright light, but fine details indoors in poor lighting conditions. The notable problem is the video noise, which is visible even in bright light.

DxOMark concludes by stating that the iPhone 12 “offers good photo performance and impressive video capabilities”. However, there are competitors “who offer similar or better quality, sometimes at lower prices”.

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