The iPhone 12: 5G will wait a few weeks in France

You wanted to use 5G on your iPhone 12 as soon as the Orange, SFR and Bouygues telecommunications networks were activated? Bad news, we have to wait. In fact, a configuration file is required for activation and is not currently available.

01net tried to connect in 5G to an iPhone 12 in Nice on the SFR network. However, this does not work because the iPhone does not recognize the operator’s 5G network with the red logo. The smartphone suddenly connects to the 4G network, while the 5G network is actually a reality. The same goes for Google Pixel.

SFR activated its 5G (initially in Nice) on November 20th. Bouygues Telecom will switch on its network on December 1st. And for Orange, the start date is December 3rd. However, customers with an iPhone 12 will not have 5G by that date. The operators are waiting for updates from Apple (and Google for the pixels). Google mentions the availability for mid-December. It should be similar with Apple.

“We are waiting for a fixed date. However, we are very confident that our partners will quickly offer 5G services, ”said an Orange spokesman. Apple has not commented.

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