Bigblue brings in 3 million euros to become an alternative to Amazon for retailers

The French startup Bigblue, which offers a logistics solution for e-commerce platforms in Europe, has just raised 3 million euros. These funds should enable small retailers as well as independent brands to compete with Amazon.

Dealers can customize orders

Bigblue’s principle is simple: “Make your logistics a lever for growth”. Based on artificial intelligence and solid partnerships with Colissimo, DHL, Colis Privé or even Chronopost, the startup offers to manage everything that happens after a transaction has been carried out to sell a product online. . The experts therefore take care of the preparation and shipping of the order and ensure that the brand tracks the delivery of the goods in full and in detail.

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“It is an enormous time saver for all of our customers not to have to call several partners every day. We automate what they traditionally need most to develop their business, ”explains William Meunier, COO and co-founder of Bigblue.

Above all, the platform has a real advantage over other e-commerce solutions and especially the giant Amazon. It offers companies the opportunity to personalize their follow-up emails from order preparation to final delivery, but also to improve the customer experience thanks to perfumes, stickers or even personalized packaging elements. Ideal for building customer loyalty. In addition, Bigblue lets you keep an eye on inventory and send notifications to the company when it is exhausted.

Another notable fact is that Bigblue’s promised delivery times are very quick. Companies using their solution can therefore deliver quickly while maintaining their visual identity.

The future looks bright for Bigblue

The offer from the French-made company seems popular: Bigblue has in fact raised 3 million euros from investors such as Samaipata, Bpifrance, Plug and Play, as well as big names in French technology such as Clément Benoit. Olivier Bonnet and Thibaud Elzière. The startup plans to recruit nearly 50 new employees and improve its service, including its AI and personalization tools. It is expected to be integrated with more e-commerce platforms.

One thing is certain: the startup is much more debated and appears to be well on its way to attracting other customers as the Covid-19 pandemic pushes consumers to turn to online retail.

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