The Priartem and Agir pour l’environnement associations were rejected in their attempt to suspend 5G

While Bouygues Telecom is announcing the official launch of its 5G offering from December 1st, the associations are still trying to prevent the use of this new technology, which they consider to be harmful, among other things. In its ruling of November 18, the State Council pushed aside the attempt to suspend 5G.

The Council of State has pushed the proposals of the two associations aside

Is It Too Late To Avoid 5G Adoption? In any case, this is the message that the members of the Council of State seem to be conveying. Two associations, two federations, Priartem (Pour Rassembler Informer and Agir contre les Risks Associés aux Technologies ÉlectroMagnétiques) and Agir pour l’Environnement, were recently turned down in an attempt to obtain suspension of the allocation of 5G frequencies.

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The procedures enacted in March and October did not prevent the auction of 5G spectrum on September 29, and it is also unlikely that the technology will be prevented. The Council of State was clearly not in the direction of the two associations. The rejection of their requests was decided on November 18, 2020 and therefore their requests were rejected. An urgent decision, a decision by the associations to take legal action quickly.

Unfortunately, perhaps it is this urgency that has played against associations. The State Council believes it has not found enough elements to attribute a positive response to them. Among other things, consider the costs of such a provision, the lack of overriding interest in establishing such networks and the health risks. The mayor of Bordeaux made arguments some time ago to introduce a moratorium on 5G.

The last attempt to ban?

In the decision of the Council of State we can read: “The generality of the reasons so alleged does not appear to constitute an emergency to justify the examination of the gravity of the charges brought in order to obtain the requested suspension. This is based on the assumption that the operation reflects the serious and immediate attack on the concerns of the associations. “It is therefore a first failure for associations. It was perhaps the best (and last) moment to counter the use of 5G …

To date, almost everything is on the right track: frequencies have been allocated and some telecommunications operators have already announced start dates for their offers. Bouygues Telecom will be the first French operator to launch its 5G offering and its goal is clear: “National coverage within one year while providing the capacity to maintain good quality of service in very dense areas where data consumption is very high (+ 40% per year) “.

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