Apple Music: Free up to 5 months thanks to Shazam

Apple offers through Shazam to have up to 5 months free for Apple Music. It’s an offer similar to what was available at (almost) the same time last year. It was 6 months free in 2019.

There are two offers. The first gives you 5 months of free Apple Music through Shazam. This is intended for users who have never taken advantage of Apple Music’s three-month free trial. The second offer only offers access to 2 free months. This is offered to people who have already benefited from the free trial of the streaming service.

Download the Shazam application (which is owned by Apple) from the App Store to get 2 or 5 months free on Apple Music. At the bottom, tap the My Music section, then tap the gear in the top left. A banner is displayed at the top that offers free access for a few months. Touch the “Try” button and confirm.

Apple announces that the promotional offer will be available through January 17, 2021. It is available in several countries including France. If you want to try Apple Music for a while, you know what to do. As a reminder, an Apple Music subscription costs € 9.99 / month. For a family of up to 6 people it is € 14.99 / month. Students pay € 4.99 / month.

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