Qwant is expanding its advertising offer, still without cookies

“Everyone has been using AdWords for 15 years and there is a bitter war going on there. We believe there are other ways to target internet users while respecting their privacy, ”said Jean-Robert Mamin, Qwant’s chief revenue officer, in a press release. This announcement is part of the European Search Engine Advertising Enrichment Policy. The search engine now offers 11 advertising formats that do not use cookies.

– The brand suggestion will highlight the advertiser once the first few characters have been entered into the search bar.
– The page break provides visibility on the home page.
– Editorial content is highlighted on the Sponsored Content tile.
– The video ad aims to nest a video tile that fits on a page.
– The Qwoodle links a brand to an animation that references the advertising campaign.
– AD Text displays an ad in search results that is billed at cost per click.
– The brand premium offers a supplement to the “call to action”.
– AD Image & Text is a supplement that adapts to the contextual search of Internet users.
– The flag displays an image, a teaser and a call to action right below the search bar in the center of the home page.
– The PreRoll Video can be used to place an advertisement before the video of a video result, an instant response or a playlist.
– In the shopping ad, the products of a brand are highlighted as soon as an intention to buy is recognized.

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Source: Qwant

“Our article suggestions are always made transparent, in a semantic search and not thanks to algorithms that were created for the users. This is a branch that is becoming increasingly important for us in parallel with the use of keywords, ”said Jean-Claude Ghinozzi in January 2020 about Qwant’s monetization policy at Siècle Digital. Less than a year later, this promise is partially fulfilled with the ad “no hob”. By offering a wider range of solutions than before, Qwant is showing progress in terms of advertising readiness. Simple sponsored links are evidence of an outdated model, it seems that it is no longer the case. In this way, brands can combine different formats for different purposes. All you have to do is wait for the first feedback.

In February 2020, the search engine that claims to respect the privacy of its users recorded 5 million unique visits in France. In one year, the French audience has grown by 20.4% and is the fourth most popular engine in France.

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