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Quantcast recently created Permisio, an extension used with the Quantcast Choice platform to make it easier for websites to use cookies. As a reminder, cookies are mainly used by publishers to compensate themselves by presenting targeted advertising or other content on the website.

What is Permisio?

Permisio is a portal that simplifies the management of visitor consent. For the site editor, this extension enables the appearance of cookie managers to be suppressed in order to make visiting the site more pleasant while complying with the GDPR. The reader, for his part, is less interrupted as his selection is automatically recorded each time he visits all the websites that use Permisio.

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This expansion goes hand in hand with Quantcast Choice, the first platform for managing and collecting consent for personal data (CMP). Permisio has already been published for publishers in the UK and USA. French publishers will have to wait as the extension is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

More simplicity for the user

You are a very good reader of Siècle Digital. Imagine we are using Quantcast Choice with the Permisio extension. You make your declaration of consent (advertising, operation, audience measurement …). At this point, Quantcast Choice will record your preferences in accordance with the RGPD.

If you move to another site with the same CMP with Permisio, you no longer have to enable or disable what you want to accept. This is done automatically.

“With just a few clicks, consumers can use Permisio to decide once and for all about their privacy settings for each website and agree with fewer pop-ups with consent. In return, publishers can better understand and monetize their target audiences, respect their rights decisions and comply with data protection laws, ”said Andrew Double, APAC regional manager at Quantcast.

Screenshot: Permisio / Quantcast Choice

And more data for the advertiser

The introduction of Permisio is also part of a larger Quantcast initiative. The company wants to develop a sustainable alternative to third-party cookies. This new product enables publishers to improve first-party data collection.

In the announcement from Quantcast it is not yet very clear whether all websites will mutually enrich one another with Permisio. However, this should still allow them not to affect the profitability of their advertising and provide a safe experience for the visitor.

Screenshot: Permisio / Quantcast Choice

Close cooperation with IAB Europe and the USA

In order for Permisio to function properly worldwide, Quantcast has partnered with the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). There are several offices around the world, including one in France. This collaboration enables Permisio to meet the expectations of the GDPR and the CCPA.

“Quantcast Choice makes it easy for us to improve the user experience. We run over 50 websites using this platform, ”said Dominic Perkins, director of strategy and promotion for instant media. This company is known for publishing websites such as the BBC, Snack Media, and Jungle Creations.

You can already go to Web Quantcast Choice to keep up with the Permisio release in France and to learn more about the platform if you don’t know.

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