LumiHealth: Apple Watch for Health in Singapore

The Apple Watch is at the heart of the LumiHealth promotion. This is a health program run by the Singapore government. This includes using the Apple Watch to track physical exertion.

The principle behind LumiHealth is very simple: to get Singaporeans to exercise. The more active you are, the more LumiPoints you collect. The system is also nice with an application on the iPhone. It’s more or less like a game with a character moving across the map in stages. He collects coins (LumiPoints), which can then be converted into rewards. A reward can be up to $ 380. This sum makes it possible to make purchases from different retailers.

You will need an Apple Watch for the LumiHealth health program. An iPhone is also required to access the application and see its progress over the weeks. The program has a duration of two years.

Apple was involved in creating the advertisement. The ad shows how small, everyday decisions can generate huge rewards for health and wellbeing.

This LumiHealth initiative with the Apple Watch could be interesting for the idea. To see if Apple won’t offer anything similar in other countries in the future.

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