Notifications on macOS: Growl withdraws

Growl, the must-have notification tool for Mac from the 2000s, has just passed away. The developer provides several explanations for this task of the post. It seems that the arrival of M1 and its new RISC architecture was the last straw, not to mention that macOS already includes a powerful notification system that has de facto made Growl less and less relevant.

Stop the clapping for Growl, an almost “historic” notification software on the Mac

The software landed on macOS in 2003, at the time of the legendary Sunflower iMac. From the beginning, Growl offered quite innovative notification functions that have greatly enriched such important software as Mail, iTunes, and later Firefox, Evernote, Spotify, etc. As a pioneer of notification long before Apple decided to include it with macOS, Growl was marginalized (or a little bit marginalized, to tell the truth). Long-term maintenance of such software is not really sustainable for a single developer. The end of Growl therefore (unfortunately) seems logical.

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