SFR will offer 5G in 120 cities in December 2020

SFR announces that its 5G network will be available in more than 120 municipalities in December. The operator activated his 5G in Nice on November 20.

The cities with SFR 5G in December are Bordeaux, Marseille-Aix, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice and Paris. The operator with the red logo recalls an element relating to the metropolitan areas of Paris and Nantes. Some parishes wanted to delay the commercial opening of their parish. As a result, customers in these parts of France sometimes have to wait a little longer.

Here is the full list of parishes that will have SFR 5G in December:

By the end of December, SFR plans to expand its 5G coverage to 120 municipalities. For your information, it is already active in some places, I caught it this weekend in St-Laurent-du-Var and Cagnes-sur-Mer. (Source: SFR press release)

– Nicolas Lellouche (@LelloucheNico) November 30, 2020

Like SFR, Orange has already announced 5G coverage for December. 15 cities will have the new network on December 3rd. 150 more communities will be added by the end of 2020. For its part, Bouygues Telecom is rather vague. We only know that the 5G network will go live on December 1st. Finally, there is the case of free mobile, where it is even more vague. The start is for the next few weeks without any further details. In contrast to Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, the price of the offers is also unknown.

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