Apple One: Billing issues at the end of the trial

Apple One has been available for a month. Therefore, the 30-day free trial ends and billing begins. However, for some users, things do not go as planned.

Some indicate that the Apple One subscription is displaying “Expired” for no apparent reason. In addition, some services included in Apple One have started separate billing. For example, one user explains that a subscription to Apple TV + was started on their account when they usually had it on Apple One. Another tells a similar story with an Apple Music subscription, while that’s usually included in Apple One too.

@AppleSupport Apple Billing / conversion of separate  Music and TV + subscriptions is completely FUBAR-flawed. I just received a new product for  Music, even though it’s supposed to be in Apple One today.

– Bobby Trif (@trifster) November 30, 2020

So the end of the trial version of Apple One did not go as planned. And my AppleTV + has also been renewed.

– Chris Barnes (@ChrisBarnesTech) November 30, 2020

Apple Support has contacted customers for assistance. But we don’t know where the situation is right now. If you’ve tried Apple One, check your Apple account. Open the App Store and tap your photo in the top right corner. Go to the Subscriptions section and see what’s up.

Two plans for Apple One

As a reminder, there are two formulas for Apple One in France:

Individual for € 14.95 / month: Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50 GB iCloud Family storage (up to six people) for € 19.95 / month: Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 200 GB iCloud storage

There is also a Premier offer in a few countries, for example in the USA. She adds Apple Fitness + and Apple News +. There is also 2 TB of storage for iCloud. Its price is $ 29.95 / month. It doesn’t exist in France because we don’t have Apple Fitness + and Apple News +.

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