Windows ARM: Mac M1 is faster than Surface Pro X 2

We saw a few days ago that it is possible to run Windows 10 ARM on a Mac M1. This goes through the QEMU virtualization environment. Since then, new tests have appeared, especially benchmarks for Geekbench.

The benchmarks show that the Mac M1 with virtualized Windows 10 is faster than a Surface Pro X 2. The latter runs Windows 10 ARM natively without relying on virtualization. A good performance for the Mac M1.

The score for a processor core is 1,288 for the Mac M1. It is 5,449 drawn with all hearts. In comparison, the Surface Pro X receives 2,799 and 3,089 respectively. Apple therefore hits very hard with its M1 chip in order to achieve better performance with Windows ARM in a virtualized version. A Mac M1 is the fastest device yet with Windows ARM.

In fact, performance will be better in the future without virtualization. This is because users have to wait for Microsoft to release licenses for Windows 10 ARM in order to use them on M1 Macs. Apple previously said it was up to Microsoft to get started. The Macs are ready.

Some GeekBench * results that have not yet been optimized (like the topology and whatever) via Windows on M1:
GB4 aa64
GB4 XtaJIT (x86)

*: I don’t like GB for technical reasons, but the score is for curiosity

– Sunshine Biscuit in ūüć™ scale (@imbushuo) November 28, 2020

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