The 14 offers for professionals end in 8 hours

1. – 92% on Depositphotos, the image database with more than 100 million photos

Depositphotos is a visual library that has over 100 million high quality HD photos and other vector images for social media, blog, website, etc.

The platform offers a search engine with a variety of filters (topics, colors, location, size, format, etc.).

In the same category

Switchy, the hotline solution for entrepreneurs that is a hit

The deal: 92% reduction in image database offers, i. H. 39 USD instead of 500 USD for 100 Photos / Images / Vectors HD that can be used for life.

Take advantage of the DepositPhotos deal

2. -80% with Happy Scribe, the video and audio transcription and subtitling software

Happy Scribe is a beautiful French technology that allows you to transcribe, subtitle or even translate video and audio files fully automatically.

The deal: 80% off Happy Scribe or $ 69 down from $ 324.

Take advantage of the -80% offer for Happy Scribe

3. -75% with If-So, the tool for displaying personalized and dynamic content for website visitors

If-So Dynamic Content is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display dynamic content to users based on their search terms, language, geolocation, etc.

The deal: During Black Friday, If-So is $ 49 instead of $ 199. So you can use If-So on 5 websites.

Benefit from -75% on If-So

4.80% discount on FreshLMS, the complete platform for creating and selling online training courses

FreshLMS is a no-code platform that allows you to create, personalize and sell your online courses – e-learning with landing page management and payment processing.
The deal: $ 99 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 468 through November 30th.

Take advantage of the -90% offer for FreshLMS

5.95% discount on Oviond, the reporting platform that collects all marketing data

Oviond is a customizable digital platform that combines and organizes all of your (or your customers’) marketing data in one dashboard with useful information and automates reporting.

The deal: For $ 59, which is a lifetime purchase, not a monthly subscription, Oviond will be displayed at -95% during Black Friday.

Enjoy 90% discount on Oviond

6. 93% discount on SuiteDash, the all-in-one software that brings all business tools together

With SuiteDash’s integrated toolkits and ready-made automations, you can optimize your business cost-effectively and professionally, work with your team, automate your processes and satisfy your customers.

The deal: $ 79 for a one-time purchase and screws instead of $ 1,188.

Enjoy -93% discount on SuiteDash

7. -92% on VideoPeel, the tool for quickly collecting, sharing and managing video testimonials

VideoPeel is an easy-to-use platform for collecting, managing and sharing video testimonials from one central location.

The deal: $ 69 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 828, all features and 50 videos per month.

Enjoy 98% discount on VideoPeel

8. Nifty: the hub for easily managing projects, discussions and collaboration

Nifty is a collaboration tool that allows you to centralize and manage projects, teams, goals and files on a single platform. Nifty is an alternative to tools like Asana and Basecamp.

The Deal: The single offer lets you access all of the above features, add 3 team members, and get 100GB of storage for $ 49 instead of $ 1428. Double at $ 98 allows you to add 6 members and access 200GB of storage. With Mutliple, which is offered for $ 147 instead of $ 4,284, 9 members can use the tool and access 500GB of storage.

Enjoy 98% off Nifty

9. 98% discount on Ideanote, the idea management platform

With Ideanote, you can create a workspace within the company to gather ideas, involve the right people, and measure the impact. The tool makes it possible to start “collections” of ideas on a question like “How can the onboarding of new employees be improved?”. or “How do I collect positive customer reviews? “. Marketing, HR, sales, research and development, regardless of the service, each service has its own dashboard for its questions.

The deal: $ 59 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 2,988. For that price, you can add 20 users, customize dashboards, collect 200 ideas at once, and more. $ 118 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 3,286 with 40 users and unlimited ideas. $ 177 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 3,615 for 60 users.

Enjoy 98% discount on Ideanote

10. -91% on MailPoet: The plugin for creating and sending newsletters in WordPress

Mailpoet allows you to create and send emails from WordPress thanks to successful, customizable templates. You can use this tool to automate your welcome message, an abandoned shopping cart or a newsletter.

The deal: With the offer of 49 instead of 499 US dollars, you can manage up to 5,000 contacts with full functionality.

Take advantage of MailPoet’s offer

11. -96% with Viral Loops, the platform for creating viral campaigns thanks to recommendation marketing

Viral Loops is a comprehensive tool that allows you to quickly create an effective referral and / or pre-launch campaign. Different types of campaigns are offered in template form, e.g. B. the creation of a messenger competition, a waiting list for the start of your startup, a traditional referral campaign, etc.

The Deal: $ 59 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 1,500, which allows you to access all features and invite up to 10,000 attendees.

Take advantage of the deal on Viral Loop

12. -73% on Frase, an AI-powered tool that answers questions an audience asks

Thanks to AI, Frase identifies the questions your target audience is asking and creates detailed content notes that you can use to create an article or tutorial that focuses on answers and is easy to find on Google. Attention, even if the tool can be evaluated in a logic of idea research, it is only in English at the moment.

The deal: $ 79 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 469. For this price you have access to 30 documents every month.

Take advantage of the deal on Frase

13. Publish the all-in-one software to create, plan and analyze all your social media posts at -93%.

Publer is a social media management tool that allows you to create, plan and analyze up to 500 posts simultaneously on all major social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business and YouTube). in collaborative mode.

The deal: $ 49 for a one-time purchase instead of $ 683. For this price you have access to all functions, you can add 30 accounts on social networks and work with 3 users in collaborative mode.

Take advantage of Publer’s Black Friday offer

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