Apple Podcasts: Apple Showcases the Best of 2020

We’re nearing the end of 2020, and Apple today unveiled its Best of the Year for Apple Podcasts. We even got the title Podcast of the Year. This is Vulgaire by Marine Baousson. It is a podcast on the general popularization of culture that emerged during imprisonment.

Marine Baousson responded to the Apple title for her podcast:

It’s still crazy, this story. To think that I recorded the first few episodes on my iPhone all by myself while I was in detention and that they are now reaching the ears of so many people every week … That realization touches me and really motivates me. Thank you very much.

The 10 Most Popular New Podcasts in 2020

Myths and legends Pandemic Violent men A good moment with Kyan Khojandi and Navo The work of the Vulnerable Love Clinic (in progress) Philosophy is sexy X-rays of the coronavirus November 13th: the investigation

The 10 most viewed podcasts in 2020

Sensitive issues Les Grosses Têtes Hondelatte told – Christophe Hondelatte The paths of philosophy Les Pieds sur terre The balls on the table At the heart of history The course of history Franck Ferrand tells… Nicolas Canteloup – A look back at almost Europe 1

Apple’s 10 favorites of the year:

Injustices (Season 2) (Louie Media) Bookmakers (Arte Radio) Dianké (RFI) Tell Us the World (RMC) The Key To The Fields (Louise Lesparre) The Broadcast[t] Decor (HuffPost) Olma (France Inter) Pow [HER] (Emilie Daudin and Emilie Le Guiniec) Ex … (Agathe Lecaron) Sage Meuf (Europe 1)

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