eSIM Free Mobile: It’s coming very soon!

Free Mobile uploaded a new pricing brochure mentioning eSIM. We learn that the price will be 10 euros. This presence in the tariff brochure and the indication of the price promise early availability from the operator.

Free Mobile is the last French operator to offer eSIM. Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom have been offering it to their customers for some time. Xavier Niel, the leader of Free, initially said he was not a “fan of the eSIM”. But the situation has changed since then and the fourth operator will act as its competitor.

As a reminder: The eSIM is a SIM card integrated in its device. It could be a smartphone, a smartwatch, or something else. The configuration takes place directly at the device level in order to establish a connection to the operator’s network.

In the case of Free Mobile, it will soon be possible to have eSIM on different media. Two lines are provided (one line on the physical SIM card and another line on the eSIM). Or, you can create a cellular connection on Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and other watches.

As mentioned earlier, the availability of eSIM on Free Mobile will be available shortly. However, the operator has not yet given an exact date.

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