iPhone 12: network losses in 4G and 5G for some

Users with an iPhone 12 report having network issues regardless of whether it is 4G or 5G. This situation seems to occur especially when driving or traveling to another country.

There are plenty of testimonials on the Apple and Reddit forums. It started in late October and is still relevant to new posts. Here are some testimonials about 4G and 5G network issues with the iPhone 12:

– “I received my iPhone 12 Pro on Friday. I activated it on Saturday. Sunday I drove for 10 minutes and when I got to my destination I saw no reception bars and no service. And in the middle of the screen a message: Your iPhone is not activated. “

– “The only way to reconnect is to turn Airplane Mode ON and then OFF.”

– “I reset the network settings. Same problem. I reset the iPhone as a new iPhone. I reinstalled everything from scratch (not from a backup). The problem persists”.

– “I called my operator and they told me that everything was fine on their side and that I had the correct SIM card for a 5G device.”

It is possible that the 4G and 5G network with the iPhone 12 will affect some operators in particular. We must now hope that a software update can correct the situation.

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