iOS 14.2 offers FaceTime HD calling on the iPhone 8-11

iOS 14.2 has been available since November 5th, and this update brings FaceTime HD (1080p) to some iPhones. Apple didn’t say anything when it released iOS 14.2, but it’s a reality.

IPhone 8 to iPhone 11 can now call FaceTime HD (1080p) thanks to iOS 14.2. Apple states this on its website when comparing multiple iPhones. The new information is only displayed on the English page. As MacMagazine noted, this change is new and yet fairly hidden. We may also be surprised that Apple didn’t suggest it when it released iOS 14.2. It is a more than noticeable improvement that affects many people.

FaceTime HD (1080p) calls with iOS 14.2 on iPhone are only available over Wi-Fi. IPhone 12s can also have them if the user is on a 5G network. However, if it doesn’t, you must have WiFi.

According to MacMagazine, the new video quality is really making itself felt. This is noticeable during this time when there are numerous video calls taking place in full. Unfortunately there is no FaceTime HD from an iPad yet. But who knows, maybe Apple will enable this support with an update to iOS 14.

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