JD Digits introduces the first phase of its future operating system for Xiongan

With JD Digits, aims to compete with the country’s biggest tech giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu. The Chinese company has just presented the first phase of its operating system in Xiongan, the city of the future, which is supported by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A platform that collects different types of data

The platform presented by offers the opportunity to bring all the city’s data together in one place. The aim is to facilitate their exchange. The Chinese company is talking about a platform based on artificial intelligence and blockchain. This operating system, called Intelligent City, was featured at the JD Discovery event organized by the company. During the event, Zheng Yu, vice president and chief scientist of JD Digits, explained how this system could collect so much data.

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Zheng Yu claims that this system is able to collect traditional government data, as China is already used to, but also audio data, video data and so-called “spatiotemporal” data. The JD Digits operating system can, for example, support recordings of travel history or consumption monitoring. All of the data is combined and, according to the company’s vice president, should enable future analysis.

JD Digits wants to anticipate the needs of the city of the future

He explains: “In the age of intelligent cities, we not only need voice and face recognition that work with the already widespread artificial intelligence technology, but also models of artificial intelligence. more specific to create smart cities. These models should enable the prediction of traffic flows, warnings for crowds or even the location of charging stations for electric vehicles. “

One of the applications offered by this operating system is particularly current. It is intended to inform the affected services about possible emergency situations. Zheng Yu takes the example of preventing and combating the Covid-19 pandemic. The technology will be introduced in the metropolis of Xiongan, a city of 5 million people, which is considered a model of an intelligent city. This city is located about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing.

Since Xi Jinping launched an appeal to envision a smart city, Chinese tech giants have responded. This city is also one of the first to test the digital yuan, a central bank digital currency issued by the Chinese government. For its part, JD Digits is also working on other smart city projects in 20 major cities in China.

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