Salesforce to buy Slack for $ 27 billion

Salesforce officially announced its plans to acquire Slack on December 1st. An investment of $ 27.7 billion is planned, divided between stocks and cash. This announcement puts an end to several days of rumors that emerged in late November and today.

The year 2020 fundamentally changed the landscape of the software market. Zoom, Dropbox, Docusign, Teams, Slack, so many services have exploded in their use, as has the number of their customers. With the exploitation of a vaccine against Covid-19 imminent for countries around the world, labor organizations could remain unchanged.

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Obviously, by handing over the Salesforce banner, the messaging application would lose its status as an irreducible independent platform and fight against the invading Microsoft teams. Not enough to scare Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, who said that Salesforce “started the cloud revolution and two decades later is still using every opportunity to change the way we work.” The chance we see together is huge. “”

Synergies have already been announced and desired for the CRM giant. The combination of Salesforce Customer 360 and Slack should be the basis for creating the “new way of working for the operating system”. With this merger, employees, customers and partners should be brought together on a single platform. As customers’ expectations for the quality of the experience keep growing and working methods change forever, we can understand all of the hopes that have been placed in Slack.

To say the least, because Salesforce is making its new toy the new interface for Salesforce Customer 360. “Slack will be deeply integrated into every Salesforce cloud. As the new interface for Salesforce Customer 360, Slack will change the way employees communicate, collaborate and respond to customer information and information from all other business applications and systems in Salesforce, ”said Salesforce.

By outsourcing nearly $ 28 billion, Salesforce would sign the second largest acquisition in two years and the largest in its history if validated by competition authorities. In June 2019, the giant bought Tableau for $ 15 billion. An investment that reflects the growing customer demand for computing.

By integrating Slack into its suite, Salesforce was able to steal some of Microsoft’s customers. Something the Stewart Butterfield teams love.

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