Black Friday Online generated $ 9 billion

Due to the current health crisis, Black Friday has managed to achieve its goals in the US. A total of $ 9 billion was generated, of which $ 3.6 billion was attributable to smartphone sales alone, TechCrunch reports.

A new record for Black Friday

Adobe, which tracks the online sales of 80 of America’s 100 largest retailers in real time, announced that Black Friday 2020 hit $ 9 billion, up 21.6% year over year. A new record for Black Friday in the USA, which thus manages to achieve its goals in extreme situations. In fact, Adobe originally expected it to generate between $ 8.9 billion and $ 9.6 billion.

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If the growth in online sales during Black Friday wasn’t as spectacular as some predicted, it’s still significant. Without real surprise, the health crisis is not entirely alien to the situation; With social distancing becoming the order of the day, the usual in-store turmoil has become less common, favoring a surge in ecommerce websites.

If we look at the details of the sales made, we see that smartphones account for a significant part of total sales this Black Friday: in this market alone they generated $ 3.6 billion, an increase of 25. 3% compared to 2019.

Cyber ​​Monday, more efficient than Black Friday?

Thanks to the $ 9 billion generated, Black Friday 2020 will become the second largest online spending day in US history shortly after Cyber ​​Monday 2019. However, this title should not be retained for long. .

Cyber ​​Monday is expected to generate between $ 10.8 billion and $ 12.7 billion in 2020, up from 15 to 35 percent year over year, according to Adobe predictions. Impressive numbers that, if confirmed, will make Monday November 30th, 2020 the most important online shopping day in United States history. Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights, predicts, “Cyber ​​Monday is well on its way to breaking all previous records for online sales.”

If there was still a need to prove it, these record numbers confirm that e-commerce has definitely benefited from the pandemic, and not Amazon will say the opposite. Recall that under the effects of the health crisis, Jeff Bezos’ giant did the feat of doubling his profits.

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