Why does Spotify deal with stories too?

Spotify is trying again a feature near Instagram Stories, the Engadget news site reported on Nov. 27. As a result, short ephemeral videos have appeared in some playlists. Behind the camera are important personalities like Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix.

What do new stories look like on Spotify?

Like stories on Instagram, Spotify are in the form of vertical videos of a few seconds. They are visible in the Android and iOS applications and are currently being published on some playlists, particularly the one from Christmas (Christmas Hit). We can also find it on a rap tracklist (Tear Drop) or the improved version of Megan Thee Stellion’s first album (Good News). The goal ? Celebrity staging to make you want to hear the variety of music.

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Spotify now has stories….


This has to stop

– TmarTn (@TmarTn) November 27, 2020

However, the functionality is short-lived as it is just a test. The final integration wouldn’t be surprising: Spotify is already in its third attempt in this area. In May 2019, some artists were able to communicate directly with their fans via the “storylines”. Another test in January 2020 made it possible for the influencers to share “Spotify Stories” with their public reading lists.

Why are stories so popular?

The Swedish music streaming service isn’t the only company interested in this type of content. The stories invented by Snapchat in 2012 were quickly copied by its competitors: first Instagram, then Facebook, Messenger, and most recently LinkedIn. Even Twitter jumped into the mix with the fleets a few days ago. It must be said that this format meets many criteria for consumption by Internet users: 1) Brief content; 2) the video format; 3) creativity and 4) within everyone’s reach.

If the majority of social networks are adopting stories, is it in Spotify’s interest to follow the trend? For the platform, this would be an opportunity to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering new content to its subscribers. Content all the more interesting as it is created directly by the artists. You still have to want to play the game well. You are already so overwhelmed in the various social networks that some, like the duo BigFlo and Oli, cut the connection.

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