Pro Display XDR: An Apple tool for calibrating the screen

Apple provides a downloadable tool to calibrate the Pro Display XDR screen. This model saw the light of day a year ago and costs 5,499 euros. It’s a 32 inch 6K screen.

Regarding the Pro Display XDR calibration tool, Apple makes the following notice on its website:

Each Pro Display XDR is factory calibrated with laboratory-grade instruments. The Pro Display XDR Calibrator Tool can be used to recalibrate Pro Display XDR on site for workflows that may require custom calibration for specific colors. One of the following spectroradiometers is required to recalibrate using this utility:

Photo research SpectraScan PR-740, PR-745 or PR-788
Colorimetry Research CR-300

Apple took the opportunity to offer the 4.2.30 update of the screen firmware. It just adds tool support for Pro Display XDR calibration. It also includes minor stability improvements. Apple does not elaborate on this.

If you have a Pro Display XDR and the tools to calibrate the screen, download the Apple utility from this page. The utility isn’t heavy: it weighs barely 1.4MB. Apple states that a Mac must be running at least macOS Catalina 10.15.6 to use the tool.

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