the inbox for product notifications!

When an update is made to a site or application, an email is often received. In many cases, however, emails arrive on the Promotions tab of the inbox or in spam emails. To increase productivity and improve collaboration, Hana Mohan developed MagicBell. This tool is just an inbox for a product’s workflow notifications. This way, users are notified of important updates in real time.

The tool that improves the user experience

With MagicBell, customers have an easy way to quickly access and act on all workflow notifications. The tool offers real-time synchronization, notification status management and multi-channel transmission. The tool already delivers more than a million notifications per month. Thanks to this notification system, you can concentrate more on important tasks than on sending notifications.

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For example, when a user is mentioned in a comment, a file is sent, or when an electronic signature request is sent, a simple notification is sent.

Using MagicBell is very easy. Once the user interface is registered, it can be fully personalized. Notifications can match the company’s image, use the same colors … to provide a consistent experience. Then just integrate the code and use the API to take advantage of the service and send notifications to users!

Notifications are easily accessible and can be viewed either through the website or by email depending on your preferences. Notifications can also be tracked very easily. If a user has missed multiple notifications, they can scroll through them and choose what they want to be notified about.

MagicBell is a free tool for up to 1000 users. Then it will propose a $ 79 a month offer that can send notifications to 10,000 users! An enterprise plan is also available to send notifications to an unlimited number of people.

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