Bouygues Telecom: Cellular network failure in progress

Bouygues Telecom announces that there is currently a cellular network failure. The operator does not provide any technical details on this topic. He only mentions “Difficulty using your cell phone”.

Here is the news from Bouygues Telecom about the failure of its cellular network:

­čŤĹ After a technical problem, you may have difficulty using your mobile phone. ­čô▒ Please note that we are doing everything possible to restore the situation as soon as possible. Thank you for your comprehension.

– Bouygues Telecom (@bouyguestelecom) December 2, 2020

We can see on Down Detector that at the moment the network problems are mainly affecting the corners of France. There is the Paris region, Alsace and the Lyon region. The northwest of France is also showing up and users no longer have a network.

This error occurs 24 hours after the 5G start at Bouygues Telecom. The operator does not currently say whether there is a connection between the failure of its cellular network and the activation of 5G.

If you are a Bouygues Telecom customer and are suffering from the breakdown, there is only one catchphrase: patience. Unfortunately, this is the only solution at the moment. Hopefully the patch will be released quickly now.

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