Facebook acquires Kustomer, a start-up specializing in customer relationship management

On November 30th, Facebook announced the takeover of the start-up Kustomer on its blog. The company specializes in digital customer relationship management. It should help Facebook grow in the e-commerce sector.

Facebook continues its acquisitions despite the risk of antitrust lawsuits

The deal to buy Kustomer through Facebook was formalized on Monday. According to inside sources for the New York Times, the deal would approach $ 1 billion. It is pending regulatory approval by the US authorities as the US Department of Justice prepares to prosecute Facebook for its anti-competitive practices.

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The social network spokesman was confident about the risk to the deal: “The key to Facebook’s success has always been innovation. Mergers and acquisitions have only been part of our business strategy. We will continue to show regulators that the technology sector is competitive is dynamic. “

Founded in 2015 and based in New York, the start-up is based on the profile of companies that are usually bought by the social network. It is known for simplifying the customer management system of many Fortune 500 companies and is an alternative to companies like Oracle and Zendesk.

Kustomer, a company of the future

It offers CRM tools that companies can use to manage communication with their customers by phone, email, SMS or messaging. This is exactly what interests Facebook, which claims 175 million company contacts through its messages. The social network, probably inspired by the success of apps like WeChat and Alipay in Asia. Matthew Idema, a WhatsApp manager, said in an interview with the New York Times, “You [les clients] are starting to use modern channels like messaging to talk to businesses. It’s a better experience than waiting on hold than not knowing if your email has been read. “”

The acquisition of Kustomer not only serves to develop Facebook’s services, it is also a worthwhile investment. The start-up, which has raised $ 170 million in venture capital funds according to Crunchbase, is in a niche that has exploded with health efforts around the world, namely digital customer service. Salesforce’s spectacular $ 27 billion purchase of Slack is testament to the dynamism of the industry. Brad Birnbaum, one of the founders of Kustomer, explains, “Instead of investing in expensive stores and points of sale, companies are investing more in digital tools and experiences.” What does Kustomer and now Facebook offer good prospects.

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