Video: Windows ARM faster on a Mac M1 than on a Surface Pro X.

After an initial positive experience with Windows 10 ARM on Mac M1, we are entitled to a demonstration video. Martin Nobel builds on Alexander Graf’s work to run Microsoft’s operating system on a Mac mini M1.

This is a virtualized version of Windows 10 on the Mac mini M1 here. Despite everything, the performance is good. In the Microsoft Edge browser, for example, the scrolling of the pages is fluid, while there is no graphics acceleration.

The YouTuber then runs a benchmark test on Geekbench. The score with a processor core is 1,515. With all cores it is 4,998. In comparison, the Surface Pro X (2020) achieved 793 and 3,113 points. The Mac mini M1 with virtualized Windows ARM performs almost twice as well in the core test. That’s 61% more for all cores. As a reminder: the Mac mini M1 performs a virtualization here, while the Surface Pro X runs Windows 10 ARM natively.

The video then shows a test of the games included in Windows. The test of the game of chess is positive. You can see a slowdown at times, but it’s minor. No problem with Solitaire. The same applies to the mine clearer. Finally, the video shows that DOSBox works without any problems.

Try Windows ARM on a Mac M1 now

Those who want to venture into Windows ARM on a Mac M1 can do so now. You’ll need to use ACVM, which is available on GitHub, and follow the instructions. As for the “official” version for everyone, we’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s green light.

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