Google Authenticator iOS adds account transfer and new design

The Google Authenticator application is updated to version 3.1 in the App Store and offers the possibility to transfer accounts. It has been a request from many users for some time.

What is Google Authenticator? This is an application that generates validation codes. These codes need to be entered if you have configured two-step validation for a service (Google, Social Networks, Discord, etc.). The code is required to authorize the connection on a device. So if a hacker manages to get your username and password, they can’t go any further. In fact, he will not have the verification code required to connect. Aside from Google Authenticator, there’s Authy that does the same thing.

The two-stage validation therefore offers additional security. Moving from one iPhone to another wasn’t easy with Google Authenticator, however. It is now possible to transfer the accounts on one phone to another model. Google explains that the two smartphones must be nearby in order to perform the transfer. This is to ensure a certain security. Incidentally, Google assures us that the data will not be sent to its servers. The whole process is done locally.

In addition to the new account transfer, Google Authenticator is changing its user interface. It’s a little more modern. The previous update was in September … 2018. It should add support for the iPhone X. Speaking of the user interface, the application will customize a dark theme when such a theme is applied at the iOS level.

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