Community functions are becoming more useful

In a blog post published on December 1st, Google gives us a nice rundown of the new features to be added to the feed built into the “Explore” tab of Google Maps. The latter becomes more useful when displaying local and personalized information, e.g. B. the opening of new shops and restaurants that may be of interest to you or changes to the services offered by vendors and restaurateurs that you follow in the application. The idea? Help them communicate better with their customers and especially with their regulars.

Google is further refining the social dimension of maps

As Engadget explains, if, for example, you are following the pizzeria on your street, Google Maps can warn you when the managers have just added a new pizza to their map. The Discover flow can also suggest places to find your favorite drinks or dishes, if you happen to have your preferences in that area in the application.

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“When we first tested the community feed, we found that there were twice as many messages from retailers as they were before this feed was available,” said Google in its press release. “Now more people can see if a local business is offering a new service, if it’s a specialty of limited duration, or if it has opened outdoor spaces,” adds the company, which is also looking to give a boost. Promotion of shops and small neighborhood businesses badly hit by the health crisis and administrative closings.

In addition to this support, Google is further refining the community and social aspect of Google Maps in order to continue to gain market share from applications such as Yelps (popular in the USA) or TripAdvisor.

These new features are now still available on the iOS and Android versions of Google Maps. If your smartphone hasn’t used this before, it won’t be long.

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