US Department of Justice attacks Facebook and Google

As pressure and antitrust proceedings against GAFA have been increasing in the US for almost two years, the Justice Department (DOJ) could again file a lawsuit against Facebook and Google. The Washington Post predicted it a few weeks ago … In addition to Google, Mark Zuckerberg’s company could face antitrust proceedings.

The Justice Department also plans to tackle Facebook

The dates of antitrust proceedings have already been set for Google. Note, however, that this is a historical matter. On October 20, 2020, the Justice Department decided to prosecute the American giant, accusing him of illegally using his market power to hinder his rivals. Today we learn from the Wall Street Journal that US agencies, states and states are planning to file new lawsuits against Google and Facebook. This could be a big first for Facebook. Is it possible to dismantle Facebook? Hard to say at the moment.

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The U.S. Department of Justice could definitely file a complaint against Facebook to accuse it of a dominant position and to understand whether the company is really abusing its position to stifle competition or if it is putting companies at risk. User data. A lawsuit certainly has big chunks: the first complaint is likely to closely examine the Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions the company made a few years ago.

A process likely to be supported by President-elect Joe Biden

According to the newspaper, the Federal Trade Commission could join the party in the coming weeks and bring charges against Facebook. It wouldn’t be surprising if a complaint was filed in December. According to experts, there is no longer any doubt that Facebook will soon be scrutinized. Especially since President-elect Joe Biden has made it clear that he “has a problem with Facebook’s tendency to spread false news.” Biden clearly doesn’t have Facebook in his heart. The procedures could therefore be particularly thorough.

The DOJ could accuse Google of paying the major smartphone manufacturers to pre-install their services. This is especially true for the search engine. For example, Google search spends a small fortune that the iPhone uses by default. A point the US Department of Justice would like to deny. In Mountain View, in the offices of Google, it has definitely become a taboo subject: “We can talk about anything but the antitrust case”.

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