IPhone: Brazil forces Apple to provide a power adapter

In France, Apple has to sell its iPhones with headphones. It’s the law (for every manufacturer). In Brazil, Apple has to include a power adapter in the packaging of its iPhones. This is a new commitment announced by Procon-SP. This is the consumer protection agency in Brazil.

Procon-SP asked Apple for the first time in October why the manufacturer no longer includes a power supply in the packaging of its iPhones. The agency also wanted Apple to demonstrate that removing the power adapter would not harm users. She also asked Apple to show the real environmental benefits by withdrawing these accessories.

For once, Apple repeated what was already said, namely that many people already have a power adapter. Also, the group says this is a way to reduce CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, Procon-SP didn’t really appreciate the answers. The agency is of the opinion that the American manufacturer could not provide enough evidence of the environmental interest in removing the power supply.

Apple has to deliver a power adapter with its iPhones in Brazil

For Procon-SP, the power supply is an important accessory for the iPhone. If it is not in the phone it is against consumer law. According to the agency, Apple has not proven that customers who purchase a third-party power adapter will receive the same technical support.

Upon arrival, Procon-SP forces Apple to sell its iPhones with a power adapter. Apple today has to react to the decision or face a fine.

The decision initially affects the state of São Paulo. But it could also apply to the rest of Brazil. In fact, the National Consumption Secretariat in Brazil is also planning to force Apple to put a power adapter in its iPhone. Will this give ideas to other countries?

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